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About Us

Uganda Connected is a technology and multimedia company based in Gulu, Northern Uganda. At Uganda Connected, we provide fresh and creative designs. We are experienced graphic designers, IT and we make it our goal to bring you success. Your passions and goals become our own.

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A fact worth a thousand words

With a simple passion for making great businesses look great, organizations reach their target and clients. Our experience has confirmed that this is a cornerstone of a success and we have made countless clients attain their goals and targets.

Our team has had a long history in IT services, ICT training and graphic design in corporate environments, having been consulted by such institutions, organizations and companies as FinAfrica, VSO Amref, Gulu Directory, Devoptions Consulting Uganda and working on high profile projects. All this has resulted in a clear understanding of the customers needs and results driven design and services. Those in the creative field are tempted to choose art over functionality however, The team is dedicated to design that, above all, performs its function. That function is to bring in more customers, increase sales and appeal to the key target demographics. We keep ourselves educated on current trends and proven tactics, always searching for ways to do what we do better than before. We pride ourselves on friendly service and a quick turnaround, key ingredients to an efficient process.

We would love to meet with you to get to know more about your business or organization and learn how we can help. For all your graphic design, IT, and website needs, we are here to deliver.


We have worked on projects of all levels and delivered


    Our Honesty

    Honesty is what drives us to delivered what our clients ask for.


      Our Responsability

      To make sure that what you imagine is what you get.

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